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Why Icetrak?

With 0.03% of the UK text messaging market cornered Icetrak is not exactly a dominant force but we never set out to be! From our early beginnings we knew UK businesses wanted value and service and we still stand by this belief.

If you want to use text messaging to improve a business process that saves you time and/or money you will need to rely on your provider to help and support you at all times. Not all text messages are business text messages so it pays to do some research on providers to make sure your messages aren't being mixed in with low cost bulk high volume messages for things like PPI, accident claims, betting, pay day loans and more.

Perhaps a few questions based on our 15 years of experience might help?

1. Are you UK based or offshore?

2. Can you absolutely guarantee my messages will always only go out on UK Tier 1 networks and not be pushed out once the free trial is over onto cheaper, slower, less reliable international routes and then back into the UK?

3. Do you offer different pricing for different routing options such as grey routes, premium blended, premium eco? If these are as good as UK Tier 1 networks why are the messages much cheaper?

4. What happens to my messages if the one network provider that you work with has some network down time? Do you have other gateways immediately available not to minimise delays but to avoid them?

5. Can I call or email you for support and will you understand that I might need an answer a fair bit quicker than four working hours or next day as my small batch of messages represents a decent business opportunity for me?

For the record Icetrak's answers are

1. UK.

2. Yes and absolutely.

3. No, we know they don't work well enough.

4. We share our customer text messaging traffic with 4 different providers.

5. Yes, one working hour is the most you'll wait but 99% of the time we'll deal with it straight away.

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Key Points!

  • We are inspired by what people say about us - referrals and recommendations have driven our business since we started in 2002
  • We don't deal with the type of companies who want to send out unsolicited very high volumes of text messages for PPI or insurance or for radio competitions and TV voting. Whether you want to send 100 or 100,000+ text messages a month your business means much more to us than it will to others
  • We understand that you want to send text messages to save you time and money. We'll make sure that happens
  • We will deliver your text messages quickly, reliably and securely.
  • We will always look to impress and delight you with our friendly yet utterly professional service
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