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Dog Chaser

Hi I'm Freya. I spend my days lounging around in the office and popping out for the occasional walk. I'm as timid as a mouse (I'll jump a mile if a feather lands on my tail) but when I see another dog I turn into a ferocious lion. My hobbies are chasing frisbees and guarding balls (I never give them back). Please follow me on Facebook, I want to be famous!

text messaging dog


Stick Collector

Hi I'm Mitsy. I spend most of the day walking around the office looking for someone to tickle my tummy. If anyone ignores me I'm great at scratching their leg to get their attention. My hobbies are collecting sticks and stalking pigeons (I'll catch one some day). Please follow me on Facebook, I want to be bigger!

text messaging dog


Office Bouncer

Hi I'm Dylan. I'm a 3 years old highly sociable chap, athletic build, 36kg, 23" at the shoulder, chocolate labradoodle with a hint of grey which I'm told suits me. I'm the outdoor type I like long walks, river swims, sticks, chasing small critters especially cats, lazing on the decking, eating, sleeping and getting in the way as much as I can. I'm a healthy eater with a love of carrots and any veg green and crunchy. WLTM like minded soul mate with GSOH for long term relationship if only my master and mistress would find me someone. Please follow me on Facebook, I want a date!

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