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Icetrak Vacancies

We currently have a vacancy for an Application Support Analyst.

If you have experience as a Linux System and Network Administrator and have some knowledge of scripting and programming languages then we may have a job that you're interested in.

We're looking for someone to join the business and look after our 100% available SMS messaging infrastructure and also provide an exceptionally high level of support to our customers and partners.

We run our services on Linux Servers across 3 data centres and your main role will be to ensure that our customers never see any network or service availability issues.

This certainly won't occupy you full time as we only get a hand full of support calls a week so there will be plenty of scope to get involved in all aspects of the company particularly developing and supporting our own in house systems.

If you are interested in the position then please email us a copy of your CV and we'll get in touch.

Your new salary will be commensurate with your experience within the range of £26500 to £31500.

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Why Icetrak!

  • We are inspired by what people say about us - referrals and recommendations have driven our business since we started in 2002
  • We don't deal with the type of companies who want to send out unsolicited very high volumes of text messages for PPI or insurance or for radio competitions and TV voting. Whether you want to send 100 or 100,000+ text messages a month your business means much more to us than it will to others
  • We understand that you want to send text messages to save you time and money. We'll make sure that happens
  • We will deliver your text messages quickly, reliably and securely.
  • We will always look to impress and delight you with our friendly yet utterly professional service
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