Icetrak Security



Icetrak provides a Communications Platform as a Service to itís customers typically providing SMS and messaging services.

Our platform is both resilient and secure.


Our production platform and services are delivered simultaneously from multiple secure data centers in the UK.Each data center is capable of running standalone and can deliver all of our customers SMS requirements should there ever be an issue at any individual data center.

Our data center partners are IONOS and OVH Cloud both of which provide secure ISO 27001 certified data centers.

Our services are accessible using Round Robin DNS entries. Providing the application developer/partner is aware of Round Robin DNS all of our services should remain available even if we have a single catastrophic data center outage.

Security of data in Transit

Data is usually transmitted to our server using HTTP or SMTP.Our servers all support HTTPS and TLS within the SMTP protocol.Providing the application developer/partner chooses to use one of these API sending mechanisms then any data sent to us will be encrypted.

This however is a choice of the application developer so it is out of our control.

Security of Data in Storage

All of our production messaging servers are Firewall protected with no public access except via an API call.

Our firewalls are all native operating system level firewalls thereby guaranteeing there are no complicated 3rd party incomprehensible systems sitting about our native level of protection.

All attempts to access any of our production servers are logged and monitored.


Wherever possible administration tasks are performed using a bespoke interface running over HTTPS.All access to this administration functionality is password protected with each administrative function only being available to staff that require it.

In the unlikely event that any administration task cannot be carried out using our bespoke interface we provide a limited number of our staff with secure VPN access.VPN access is only granted from a limited set of devices with pre-shared encryption keys.

User portal

Our user portal provides password protected access to a set of portal servers which provide a configurable set of functionality.This configurable set limits the users view to only the functionality they need.

Users can configure their own password and all passwords are hashed and salted so they are unreadable on our servers and resilient to common attacks

Our portal servers do not provide direct access to our messaging servers ensuring the integrity of our messaging servers.