The Icetrak Proposition

If it is important to your business or operation that your faxes or text messages are consistently delivered and received promptly and securely and you need to know when they succeed or fail, then Icetrak is the choice.

We call this "Business Critical Messaging" so if you are considering any of the following services and want to work with a company that really understands what "service" means then we invite you to try Icetrak.

Email to Fax - from your desktop using just your email or from your application software.

Broadcast Fax- fax to any number of recipients (we adhere to the Fax Preference Service rules)

Fax to Email - have your faxes delivered to your Email Inbox.

Voice to Email - get your voice mail messages delivered to your Email Inbox.

SMS Text Messaging - send text messages direct from your email or from your application software.

SMS Text-Back to Email - have your contacts text you back and have their replies delivered via email.

Who are Icetrak?

Icetrak is a UK based and owned company specialising in supplying only the corporate sector with the very best in messaging services.

We're not a start-up; we've many years experience in supplying in-house systems to all types of corporate users. But we don't do that anymore because we believe that we can now offer you a better solution for less of your time and less of your money.

We will provide you with the functionality and quality of service you'd expect from expensive in-house solutions but we'll do this on a service model - you pay us an annual licence fee to use only the service you need and you pay for the messages you send. There aren't any support charges but there is the highest level of support available for every user.

We have thousands of users from hundreds of organisations using some or all of the Icetrak services from large retail banks to small medium enterprises. They all have one thing in common - they are all using Icetrak to improve a business process or reduce costs.

Unsure? - Contact us and we'll let you try the services for free so you can evaluate the benefits for yourself (time and volume limits apply)

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